When to know if it’s time

Moving to a retirement can be a touchy subject for many families. It is a scary thought to move out of your home and leave behind familiar settings, friends, and neighbors. But, a retirement community is not the end of the line – it is just the start. Here are five reasons to help make the decision a little easier.

1.) Make new friends!

  • It is scary to pick up your life and move to a new place. However, once you make the decision to move into a retirement community, rest assured that you will be anything but lonely.  With hundreds of neighbors, you’re bound to find individuals who share a common interest; and who knows… you might become more popular than you ever imagined!

2.) Take advantage of the lifestyle

  • Retirement communities provide such a broad spectrum of activities that would be nearly impossible to duplicate on your own. Westminster Village has such a rhobust activity schedule that attending every event would be a full-time job. The decision is yours as to how much or little you’d like to participate.

3.) What Maintenance?

  • Owning a home requires general upkeep, routine maintenance, and often times, unexpected expense.  Yardwork, cleaning, and keeping up with maintenance is a constant reminder that you deserve to be spending your free time on much more enjoyable activities. Many retirement communities take the worry of home maintenance off your plate, which allows you to relax and enjoy retirement as you see fit.

4.) Take the Elevator

  • Many homes include multiple levels, which is a selling point for some, but an accessibility nightmare for others.   Westminster Village offers a sprawling complex with enclosed walkways between each residential building and the main Social Center. Once inside the residential buildings, elevators are easily accessible.

5.) Live!

  • Making the decision to move to a retirement community is a big decision.  The staff at Westminster Village specializes in helping to make this transition a smooth one so that you can enjoy a relaxing lifestyle that is catered specifically to your needs. Whether it be fitness classes, musical performances, community outings, or guest lectures, our vibrant social calendar can certainly light up your social life. Retirement is a time to focus on the things you enjoy so be sure to take advantage of a community that will provide you state of the art care, with all the comforts of home.

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