If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.  ~Cicero

Thankfully, Westminster Village has both a garden and a library. Our garden is flourishing in the summer heat and is guarded by our new friend Elbon. Many of our residents have enjoyed walking around the garden and tending the many vegetables that are growing there. However, our library is a resource that some are not as familiar with.

Westminster library has books, magazines, puzzles, movies, and more! Our campus has a large number of books that are available to all residents and staff. Also, Bloomington Public Library (Bloomington, IL) lends us books from their library. Residents can request books from BPL and have them delivered.

The check-out process is easy! Residents just write their name & apartment number on the pocket cards in the book they would like to check out. Magazines can be borrowed and returned in a week, books have a borrow length of 3 weeks.

The library even includes chairs and lamps for the residents to sit and read for hours!

For more information on Bloomington Public Library, Check out their website: Click Here


Westminster Village is a BPL Bookmobile stop!

-Everyone is welcome to return or borrow new books

Wednesday, 10:30-11:30am
East Lincoln Street in parking lot

Stop dates:

July 18

August 8, 29

September 19

October 10, 31

For more stops, check out BPL’s website.



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