Field Trip: Heartland Community College’s Wind turbine trip

Last week, a group of men from our Assisted Living residents took a trip to Heartland Community College here in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois to check our their new addition – a 1.65 MW turbine.

Many thanks goes out to Chris Miller of Heartland Community College, who showed us the wind turbine, solar panels & a ‘green’ building. He explained how everything worked and even answered questions that were thrown out by our men.

The wind turbine came to a total cost of $5 million with $1.4 million coming from a state grant. The turbine was installed in April 2012 and as of June 12th was producing electricity for the entire campus. Heartland’s turbine is tied into the Normal Campus grid and supplies the direct electricity needs for the college. To date the turbine has produced 208 Mwh. That’s enough to power a home for over a year … and it only took the turbine 2 weeks. For Heartland’s campus, 208 Mwh supplies 35% of their electricity needs and offers them around …. $14,500 in utility savings!

During the times where the turbine produces more electricity then Heartland needs, the excess energy is sold back to the power company. So, Heartland earns money!

Our residents asked questions about noise and safety of animals while the turbine is in motion. Come to find out, cars kill more birds a year then wind turbines do. And the noise? It the sound of a small motor, but those living around turbines tend to get used to it.

For more information on the wind turbine and HCC: click here

We are grateful to HCC for letting us come out and take a look at their new addition – Thanks again to Chris & Heartland Community College!

*Stay tuned to our blog for what the ladies were up to while the men were away!!*


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