Showroom make-over {completed}

Finally, after months of deciding on what the look was going to be and putting it all together, our showroom make-over is complete. This room will be used to show current and future residents the delightful add-ons that can make our apartments become more personalized to those living in them. Our showroom is complete with updated appliances, carpeting, fixtures and more.

We wanted to keep a modern look throughout the showroom. We decided to do a feature wall to give the small space dimension. The backsplash throughout the bathroom and kitchen keeps the room pulled together while keeping a modern feel. Since we all love our ceiling fans, but hate the way they look – we chose a ceiling fan that has a fresh look while keeping the fan option available.

All of these upgrades and SO MUCH MORE are available to our residents, current and future. Residents can pick different paint colors, flooring, countertops, appliances, fixtures and so much more to personalize their apartment. We are here to help make their apartment, their home.

After seeing the way our showroom came out, who wouldn’t want to design their own personal apartment here at Westminster! Go to our website to see more about us and how to become one of our treasured residents! Click here

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